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Diagrams can be very useful for explaining models and theories that you wish to include in your dissertation.

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Figure 1 is a bar chart, whereas Figure 2 is a line chart. In addition to the thesis itself, the source code of the accompanying computer program is also available. Figures fit within margins. Do not provide additional titles above figures.

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The bars touch one another to show these links it may be data like ages, say 10—15 years, 16—19 years, 20—14 years, and so on. We are interested in whether Alice can find a sequence of unique edge exchanges for any bispanning graph, since these leave Bob no choice in which edge to select, hence allowing Alice to win with certainty. If the range for the whiskers is different or outliers are supressed, this should definitely be mentioned, else the reader assumes there are no outliers. Here we will focus upon the latter — presenting your data. Colors do not reproduce well in black and white or when microfilmed. The underlying problem discussed in the thesis is best explained using a game on a bispanning graph. Intuitively, these are locally dense enough to allow the two disjoint spanning trees to reach all vertices, but sparse enough such that disjoint edge sets do not contain cycles. Images and diagrams are more likely to be used to help explain concepts or theories.

Narratives are good for resolving dilemmas, reducing tension, bringing problems out into the open. Furthermore, using a computer program developed alongside this thesis, we are able to enumerate and make statements about all small bispanning graphs and their exchanges graphs.

In order for him or her to do this, you must provide a reference to the relevant text that they can use to locate the book or journal.

For 2-vertex-connected bispanning graphs, we show that the bispanning graph is the 2-clique sum of two smaller bispanning graphs, and that the unique exchange graph can be built by joining their exchange graphs and forwarding edges at the join seam.

The program can enumerate all bispanning graphs and their exchange graphs for small numbers of vertices. Email us at nglthesis shsu. It seems like you've decided you want to use a boxplot and are trying to find a way to use one.

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