The no child left behind essay

The no child left behind essay

This likely gets them to work harder, and to nurture the students so that they are achieving a high standard. No Child Left Behind is a test based accountability system used in schools to measure their performance holding the districts, administrators and teachers liable and accountable for the outcomes. And the act also says that children will be tested annually in grades 3 through 8, in reading and math to measure their progress Being that these are major problems it is necessary to reform the educational system in order to avoid these issues and increase the educational standards. Many debates have waged on the validity of a voucher program, allowing families to choose any school they desire whether it is parochial, private, public, or chartered. Along with the changes to policy, it caused an upheaval among the people in the United States resulting in a riff between opposing perspectives. Teachers are responsible for having adequate training, and need to be knowledgeable in educational materials Such are the principal aspects, which led to the rise of the "No Child Left Behind" program in In March of , the Obama Administration sent to Congress a reform amendment of the public schools act, No Child Left Behind, to help close some achievement gap

For example, students are allowed to transfer to a better performing school if they have the option, even if that school is away from the area in which they live Crawford, The exact courses of action that the government takes when the standards are not being met are outlined in the next section.

One child who innocently told the officer that his daddy did not wear his seatbelt was told by the trooper that his daddy could go through the windshield and the glass would cut his face and arms like ribbons, and once he hit the road, the car would roll on top of him.

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This unusual addition to an act that is designed to improve the outcomes for students is contradictory in that the recruiters are allowed to contact the students. Bush to change how the education system is ran and how it could change how kids are learning and tested.

According to James E. This includes professional development, assessment, and curriculum 10 States, In The Death and Life of the American School System Ravitch criticized how the movement to reform education standards has turned into the movement of test taking For instance, technology now can deepen the learning of a child.

Achievement tests were administered and results reported, but data from those reports had little to no impact on curriculum or instructional practices. Advertising Looking for research paper on education? Although this standardized testing is taking place, could there be a relation of low reading test scores in elementary schools who have a high percentage of economically disadvantage students.

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