The different ways in which we can improve our culture and promote peace

role of community in promoting peace education

War and terror stress societies, setting in motion a downward spiral. They may be at work, at schools you or your children attend, down the street, or in isolated pockets of your community.

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The wars seem to have perpetuated the same misguided belief held by the terrorists — that enemies can simply be eliminated.

Business leaders have also acted to maintain and strengthen community unity, for instance by refusing to ostracize and discriminate in ways that can divide a community.

Many schools use talking circles to bring together students, parents, faculty, and administrators to discuss and address incidents, with written commitments to resolve the harm. This can include promoting truthful crime reporting and testimony, participation in jury duty, identification of factors that facilitate or impede crimes, and other forms of public engagement.

how to promote peace in our country

Forming a Bookmakers and Dreamers Clubthese young people, many from families in military service, decided they wanted to learn how to promote peace.

Terrorism has been a factor in relatively few, if high impact, cases of mass violence. Finding ways to support research on gun violence impact and on promising solutions is another area where one can actively promote peace.

How to promote peace at home

These are the fundamentals for creating an open society. From finding peace within one's life to demonstrating the greatest compassion and commitment to social justice, extending the principles and the practice of peace to others can guide us to a richer, more secure coexistence. Correcting this misperception is an important first step to addressing these too-prevalent crimes that have risen to epidemic proportions in the U. There is no need for violence. Strengthening Civil Societies An effective counter to terrorism and other forms of conflict is to strengthen civil societies. The interlinkages and integrated nature of the Sustainable Development Goals especially between peace and development in Goal 4 and Goal 16 reiterates the importance of the role of peace as the foundation for sustainable and equitable development. Related posts. How can you draw upon what they have to offer, ease their transitions, and help welcome them into the fabric of your community?
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Promoting Peace