The causes of drought in thailand

Published on 31 Mar — View Original Villagers plead for government help while dams recede to record-lows Villagers in tambon Krathum Rai of Prathai district of Nakhon Ratchasima province are in despair after water in a rai pond dried up and the water levels in their last-resort supply, artesian wells, also started to dwindle.

The causes of drought in thailand

Over-harvesting The DRI has, however, been worried about over-harvesting. Since the pond dried up, just three artesian wells have kept 2, residents in three villages supplied with tap water.

thailand water crisis

Furthermore, a shift in water management strategy towards greater emphasis on water demand Water Demand Management Strategyinstead of water supply, is one of the keys to sustainable drought prevention.

The department has warned of severe water shortages in the Northeast, where the levels of water stored in dams are already very low. El Nino effect Weather patterns are playing a major role in this year's dry season water shortages.

The city of Sydney imposed its first water restrictions in almost a decade in June to slow the rapid decline of water levels in the city's reservoirs. Rice is a staple of the Thai diet. So far, the DRI has already used To make matters worse, in andannual accumulated rainfall in Thailand dipped below the year average for two consecutive years, causing a significant depletion of water supply across various reservoirs inleading to the current situation.

According to Mr Samroeng, the northeastern region has only 4. EIC suggests that the public avoid panicking about the current drought situation, but recognize potential future problems. The DRI will provide 1, water pumping machines to assist farmers in need, together with sending a warning message to people in risk areas that they should not expand their plantations due to the high risk of water shortages.

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Drought dries up hope