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What we are talking about are things like refrigerators, deep freezers, aquariums for live fish, warehouses, and so on.

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The same relates to any specific equipment you need in your supermarket: fridges, aquariums for live fish, displays for fruits and vegetables, freezers for goods that need to be kept frozen all the time, and so on.

It is effective for avid shoppers and brings a lot of money to the owner because with plenty of items on display, people see items that appeal to them and they just grab them and add to their shopping basket. Below is a breakdown of possible start up requirements for a mini supermarket.

The reason for this is simply because it would be quite unhealthy for your business to be closed down for even a day not to talk of a permanent closure. Therefore, fix as many light bulbs as is possible in the shop.

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Sourcing of Stock Have a clear plan on how you will secure a steady flow of stock at an affordable rate, to ensure that your mini supermarket never runs out of items and also secure a good profit margin. Another important tip when arranging goods is to separate male products from female products, it will make things a lot easier for customers but that is not why you did that, female customers tend to buy on impulse and once they have all they need in front of them it is going to be a shopping spree which means more cash into your register. Of course, full time and part time students in tertiary institutions can also get involved in this business as long as they can afford to joggle business and school or maybe hire someone to fill in for them. However, a larger supermarket will have other staff which includes: — Cashiers and accountants. Part of your initial costs will also include rent for the space that you want to use. Zoning Policies — Make sure you will not be breaking any zoning policies by opening a supermarket in your desired area. Another distinctive characteristic of a supermarket is that there is self-service. Moreso you should take care in arranging them in such a way that customers will find it easy to locate what they need.

A supermarket has to be always bright. Things to Consider Before Setting Up a Supermarket in Nigeria In order to be successful in this business, the following has to be taken into consideration while drawing out a viable business plan.

However, if you cannot, then you can rent a building. Pet Supplies which includes Pet food, Pet toys etc. Competition — The presence of other businesses in your prospective location can either help or harm your retail shop.

Find products that are in high demand.

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How to Start a Supermarket in Nigeria; Everything you Need to Know