Street crime in karachi

During the meeting, the implementation of the decisions taken in the previous session were also reviewed. Media is worst of all who never shows the authentic and valid stuff then having rise of their TRPs Anonymous on Mar 27, : I live in karachi and there are some places which are great and some places you should keep away from.

There are reports of U. Know the locations of and routes to, the nearest police stations and hospitals. Industrial safety and transportation standards fall well short of Western practices.

Other-wise you r have taken a bad line about India. As for the Bhai Log, they have been suppressed, captured, some executed and some still remain in jails. No one is here that who should be rebel in out of law and soldier in inside law.

Pakistan is a seismically active area.

street crimes in karachi 2018

Many job oppurtunities too. Please, please, please give an honest opinion as you advise to your own brother.

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The writer is a member of Pakistan Today's Karachi Bureau. If you guys wants to help that guy then contact me.

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Crime in Karachi. Safety in Karachi