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In part, this is due to the method of manufacture: the use of molds undoubtedly encouraged the repetition of designs.

Sassanid empire technology

This depicts an equality of the monarch and the god, indicating a greatness about him. He usually sits on a horse that moves in a flying gallop. There is evidence that the region produced high-quality silks through the early Islamic period, as suggested by the attribution of the so-called Marwan Silk to centers in Central Asia. Since the head and foreparts of his battle horse are also covered with armour, the figure forms in the main a powerful block, the menacing impression of which has been recorded by Ammianus. Idem, Der Sasanidische Siegelkanon, Braunschweig, Hunting scenes, battles, and royal investitures are featured on the monumental Sasanian rock reliefs carved on the mountain cliffs of Iran and other sites in western Asia. During his reign, nomadic threats increased. Although the image of the frontal king enthroned in state was not popular as a dynastic image either on the luxury vessels or on the rock reliefs, there are two representations of the motif that may be Sasanian. III, pp.

A crude fresco with battle scenes and a banquet was found in the Syrian city of Dura Europos. On the other hand he repopulated Nisibis with Persians, and it henceforth became the strongest Persian border post. The bowl is reproduced in Survey IV, Pl.

The most impressive and best preserved fragment of such a textile was found in Central Asia.

Sasanian textiles

Perhaps associated with a cult are single nude or draped females holding plants or fruit. This tradition conveys something of the political significance which pertained to builders and buildings in this period. Yazdgard I r. At Ctesiphon were found stucco reliefs with Dionysiac dancers and other motifs [p. Bailey, Zoroastrian problems in the ninth-century books, Oxford, ; repr. Instead he maintains himself on his horse and, though mortally wounded, points his spear at the approaching king. A different type of metal vessel with figured decoration comprises tall ewers with flattened body and projecting narrow spout. Rosettes of stucco like that in Figure were used in a balustrade which may have crowned the roof of one of the palace buildings at Ctesiphon. Although its last days were inglorious, the Sasanian state remained the ideal model of organization, splendor, and justice in Perso-Arab tradition; and its bureaucracy and royal ideology were imitated by successor states, especially the Abbasid, Ottoman, and Safavid empires.

These wings should probably be traced back to the winged disk of the Achaemenids, but it is not impossible that their Sassanian shape, with long feathers that are rolled up at the end, and the almost circular coverts were influenced by Indian renderings of birds' wings.

The two kings, standing side by side, are represented on the back wall of a deep arched niche.

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They show that the ornamental patterns, which are by far in the majority, are based on the circle, which is often inscribed in a square. The figures are large, and the principal figure is calm in contrast to the violent movement of the animals. Such fantastic tree designs must have influenced those [p. Moreover, the same author cited examples of relations between products of early medieval and Sasanian art in 'Die universalgeschichtliche Stellung der sasanidischen Kunst,' Saeculum I [], espcially pp. At the same time as the frontiers of the Sassanian empire were thus threatened and [p. The courts both mirrored and repelled each other, in an endless game of one-upmanship mediated through diplomatic convoys and reciprocal gifts. The most common shapes of Sasanian seals are pierced hemispheroids and oval bezels, the latter designed to be set in finger rings, worn on armbands, or mounted as pendants. Gilding covers the figural scene or, on the latest examples, the background shell of the plate. One of the most energetic and able Sasanian rulers was Shapur I r. Only minor variations occur in the iconography and design. In Sasanian art there is a clear emphasis on order and clarity of design. Erdmann in Kunst, pp. Marshak and Ya. Influence[ edit ] Sassanid art had a strong influence on the Islamic art of Persia.

The Sassanian relief renders the king in strictly frontal pose, his hands on the grip of his sword, which stresses the vertical axis of the scene. Kellens, Iranica Antiqua 10,pp. Other Sasanian silver vases and ewers are decorated with motifs that refer less directly to the king of kings.

Baur, M.

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On the side walls similar attention is paid to minute details—the textiles, patterns, hair, and equipment of the human figures as well as the surface of the animal and landscape motifs.

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