Publishing phd thesis in india

But the natural sciences and the life sciences in particular are not on the fast-track. Can a circular from Delhi applicable to all institutions improve the quality of work?

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Research as Inspiration: Many scholars publish their work as a vital clue as well as a source of inspiration to the students of the next generation. D Theses. Our culture needs more scientists, researchers, and inventors as our role model for some positive influence.

This also creates an opportunity for the researchers to carry forward their own line of work and in some cases, create a legacy. Not just but unfair as now," he concludes.

Just read about the opportunity you have for academicians, as I am one of the them, and would like to publish my M. Improving quality or research The Committee is also tasked to look at ways in which UGC can improve research.

It also takes a longer time for a student to get a paper published in natural sciences and life sciences. Move on. For many researchers, this is like an incentive to carry on with their work.

Publishing phd thesis in india

Royalty: The first that easily comes to our mind is royalty. In fact, your research may have a wider scope.

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Doctoral theses research reports etc