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ABC Bank 2. Due to this the project manager above mentioned has identified some of the initial risks in the project while also letting his team members come up with potential risks as they go on with the project. However, he has sight of his role and has assigned the different tasks of the project to different groups within the larger team.

P a g e 3 16 Assignment 2 November 6, 1. Also mitigation plans are not developed beforehand.

project management hnd assignment

Reviewing the elements in project scope management I dont believe the problem planning and scope management in the case of the Tacoma suspension bridge was appropriate.

Kin Links Inc. Ahmed is dependent on many players in order to go forward with the project. Reporting information is well discussed above as well.

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Also mitigation plans are not developed beforehand. PWC and Co have been in the field of administration system for years and have expertise in doing administrative activities for schools and colleges. Although what is done in managing projects is mostly same as the theoretical aspects of project management. In the case of Calcuttas metro there was very poor project planning. Question 2 The problems faced in the metro project were entirely due to poor project scope. ABC Bank is a newly started bank which hopes to expand their business nationwide. Also states types of communications planned, for lateral, downward, and upward communication. P a g e 7 16 Assignment 2 November 6, 5.

Hence, they can report on progress and any additional requirements. The scope of a project includes everything about a project such as any expected outcomes.

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