Lord of the flies questions for essay and discussion

How does this matter for the novel? It made them feel as if Jack and his hunters had complete control of everything which they did. Still, evil is associated primarily with savagery and the worse part of our natures. When Ralph came along as a mild and sensible boy, and was chosen ahaed of Jack as the leader, Jack was furious.

Why do you think this is the case? What do you think is the significance of the world of grown ups at this posing in the story, and in the novel as a whole? He painted his face and got spears. Many critics have read Lord of the Flies as a political allegory.

lord of the flies analysis

Identify the most significant symbol in the novel and justify your choice. The conch showed the existence of discipline and untill it was destroyed there was always a sense that the kids had in the back of their minds to know right from wrong.

Forster suggests that Golding's writing "lays a solid foundation for the horrors to come.

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