Guidelines for publishing research papers

Nature journals provide more than 3, registered journalists with weekly press releases that mention all research papers to be published.

Guidelines for publishing research papers

Editors should ensure that sub-group analyses, meta- and secondary analyses are clearly identified as analyses of data that have already been published, that they refer directly to the primary source, and that if available they include the clinical trial registration number from the primary publication. All the authors should have an e-mail id. For these papers, we upload the accepted manuscript to our website as an AAP PDF, without subediting of text, figures or tables, but with some preliminary formatting. The best policy is to require explicit consent from any patients described in case studies or shown in photographs. It should be written in alphabetical order. Ethical guidelines for authors include disclosure of funding and of any actual or potential conflict of interest. Systems differ between journals one system, for example, would be to state that editorials and letters are not peer reviewed, and that research articles and review articles are always peer reviewed. Aryal, M. Read more: reported cases of publication misconduct and advice from COPE These statements should be provided by the corresponding author on behalf of all authors when submitting the manuscript. The important modifications of published procedures should be mentioned briefly. Other sources of conflict are personal, political, academic, and religious, and we believe that these may be just as potent as financial conflicts.

Best Practice: Registering clinical trials Sincesome medical journals [notably those edited by members of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors ICMJE ] have made registration in a publicly accessible trial register a requirement for publishing clinical trials 1. Only such tables and figures as are necessary should be given.

Editors should publish corrections if errors are discovered that could affect the interpretation of data or information presented in an article.

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Journals should ask authors for a declaration that the submitted work and its essential substance have not previously been published and are not being considered for publication elsewhere. This information should appear as an acknowledgment. EW is a Committee on Publication Ethics council member.

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If you do use figures and tables each of these must be titled descriptively. Disagreements with decisions If a journal's editors are unable to offer publication of a manuscript and have not invited resubmission, you are strongly advised to submit your manuscript for publication elsewhere.

Complete sentences, active verbs, and the third person should be used, and the abstract should be written in the past tense.

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Journals that publish clinical trials should consider making registration a requirement before publication of such trials. A manuscript may be submitted only by one of its authors, who is granted the permission of all other co-authors if present. EW is a Committee on Publication Ethics council member. The editors have the right to correct the manuscripts, if necessary. Ethical Guidelines. It costs money to produce a peer-reviewed, edited, and formatted article that is ready for online publication, and to host it on a server that is freely accessible without barriers around the clock. If authors request that an individual or individuals does not peer review their paper, editors should use this information to inform their choice of peer reviewer.

The benefits and feasibility of different systems probably vary between disciplines. Journals should encourage correspondence commenting on published items and should always invite authors to respond to any correspondence before publication.

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A short statement explaining the process used to make editorial decisions should be included. The statistical significance of the biological data must be included where relevant. These might include, for example and depending on their contribution, author's editors, statisticians, medical writers, or translators. The title should be placed at the top. Decisions by editors about whether to publish individual items submitted to a journal should not be influenced by pressure from the editor's employer, the journal owner or the publisher. During this time, you must not submit your manuscript elsewhere. Ethical Guidelines. Once you have read and re-read your manuscript carefully several times, received feedback from your colleagues, and identified a target journal, the next important step is to read the aims and scope of the journals in your target research area. Please bear in mind that editors prioritise newly submitted manuscripts and manuscripts where resubmission has been invited, so it can take several weeks before letters of disagreement can be answered. Authors are requested to suggest at least 2 independent reviewers with appropriate technical expertise in the field of research work although the editor may not necessarily approach them. Box 3. Peer reviewer selection and performance Editors have a responsibility to ensure a high standard of objective, unbiased, and timely peer review.
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Research Paper submission guidelines