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Although Jake and Brett share a deep love, his impotency dissuades Brett from pursuing a relationship. She re-emphasizes her pagan state at the end of the novel when she commends herself for deciding to end her relationship with Romero in an effort to save him.

Instead of obsessing over his relationship with Brett, Jake concerns himself only with fishing, drinking, and enjoying himself.

But what is love? Robert Cohn is another character who uses travel as a way to escape from the harsh realities of the times.

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Ernest Hemingway is able to keep the readers engaged throughout this novel by incorporating symbolism in his writing such as water for cleansing the soul, color as a sign of purity, and elevation as a reflection of mood. Hemingway's narrator , Jack Barnes, is an American journalist who suffers a war-wound that leads him to an emotional wound. While in Spain, Brett courts Pedro Romero, a nineteen-year old bullfighting prodigy. Another factor that plays a huge role of leaving love hopeless is alcohol. The sun also rises, and sets, and rises again; theirs is a world of violence born from restlessness, and that restlessness, in turn, is born from the violence — the war — that gave them such a life in the first place. Jake also states that until Robert went to college, no one made him feel that he was a Jew and therefore different from anyone else. From general friendships to romantic encounters, almost everyone has had some type of relationship. Wound from accident. She recognizes her love for Jake as fruitless and is instead content with wandering aimlessly from one man to another. The Joads are one of the many families that packed up as many belongings as they possibly could and headed West in the search of work. Brett said, "Oh, Jake, we could have had such a damned good time together. Lady Brett Ashley, then, is most likely a pagan due to her War-time experiences, but she believes that her being so has worked to her advantage. Brett Ashley is an additional example of a character whose war-time experiences greatly affect her life.

The narrator and main character Jake Barnes is a simple quite man; he is a foreign correspondent for a newspaper in the United States. Once he arrives, Brett begins to speak nostalgically of their relationship, saying that they could have had a good life together. The clearest example is the impotency of the main character Jake Barnes.

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