A biography of william wordsworth a contributor in the romantic age in english literature

L36 Author of the most influential long poem of its era Childe Harold's Pilgrimage and the funniest long poem in European literature Don JuanLord Byron was also the literary superstar of Romanticism, whose effect on nineteenth-century writers, artists, musicians and politicians - but also everyday readers - was second to none.

Simultaneously, his poetic output became sporadic.

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Challenging the persistent assumption that Shelley's poetry in particular, and Romantic poetry more generally, reject the visual for expressive voice or music, this first full-length study of the drafts and notebooks combines criticism with a focus upon bibliographic codes and iconic pages.

Though much has been written about both these two, this is the first modern biography to consider them together.

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A profoundly introspective thinker, Wordsworth expressed an enduring regard for the natural environment and influenced later Victorian poets and novelists with his deep sympathy for common people and identification with universal human experiences and emotions. Life Early years and education The second of five children, William Wordsworth was born in Cumberland—part of the scenic region in northwest England called the Lake District. Two of Wordsworth's children, Thomas and Catherine, died in , and Wordsworth and Coleridge were further estranged over the latter's opium addiction. The author also shows how Blake saw himself as being in the prophetic tradition and also as somehow continuing the work of John of Patmos, author of the Book of Revelation. William Blake had been dissatisfied since boyhood with the current state of poetry and what he considered the irreligious drabness of contemporary thought. Thirty-seven chapters, bringing together the wisdome of experts from across the world, present an authoritative, in-depth, and up-to-date assessment of a major author of British Romanticism. He had not completed the first and third parts, and never would complete them. There is, first and foremost, the use of what Wordsworth calls "the language really used by men. Stimulated by Coleridge and under the healing influences of nature and his sister, Wordsworth began in —98 to compose the short lyrical and dramatic poems for which he is best remembered by many readers. Wordsworth, who lived in France in —92 and fathered an illegitimate child there, was distressed when, soon after his return, Britain declared war on the republic, dividing his allegiance. Both Wordsworth and Coleridge benefited from the advent in of the Regency, which brought a renewed interest in the arts. Readers are invited to see Coleridge as an immensely self-aware, witty and charismatic writer who, although damaged by an opium habit, responded to and in his turn influenced the literary, political, religious and scientific thinking of his time.

Hand in hand with the new conception of poetry and the insistence on a new subject matter went a demand for new ways of writing. He lost his mother when he was 7 and his father when he was 13, upon which the orphan boys were sent off by guardian uncles to a grammar school at Hawkshead, a village in the heart of the Lake District.

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But feeling had begun to receive particular emphasis and is found in most of the Romantic definitions of poetry. The following year, Mary gave birth to the first of five children, John.

A biography of william wordsworth a contributor in the romantic age in english literature
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